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Dental implants provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. With permanent dental implants you do not have to deal with uncomfortable dentures or bridges. You can regain the ability to eat and smile with confidence. Your teeth will look and feel completely natural.

Dental implants can support replacements for one tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth. Dental implants allow for improved results in both appearance and function of your new teeth.

The implant is a titanium cylinder which is surgically implanted into the jawbone where your teeth are missing. The bone then bonds with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for the implant. Afterwards, small posts are then attached to the implant. The posts provide stable anchors for the implant. Dental implants preserve facial structure, preventing bone deterioration that occurs when your teeth are missing.

The Implants Crowns Procedure

All treatment begins with a thorough exam and consultation. Typically, the process can take from three to six months. In some cases, the process may take longer because additional treatments, such as bone grafting, may be required to build up the bone in order to receive the implant. The procedure and timeframe chosen depends on several factors; your dental health, the condition and quality of your jaw bone, and the number of your teeth involved. We will discuss all appropriate treatment options and recommendations with you in order to customize the best plan possible for your individual requirements and goals.

Implant restorations in our office usually involve two steps. First, one or more implants are precisely placed into the jaw bone to mirror the location of the root of your missing natural tooth. After appropriate healing time has taken place, to allow for the implant to fuse within the bone, we will then take impressions of your teeth and bite in order to custom fabricate a connector post (abutment) and crown. The abutment and crown are then attached to the implant, completing the process. Once treatment is complete, your results will look and feel completely natural and can last a lifetime.

Other Implants Crowns Options

A totally fixed case may not be the procedure of choice for you. Implant dentistry can still provide you with a host of options such as implant-supported removable dentures. With this approach, fewer implants are involved and the denture snaps into the implants. This is a cost-effective and successful choice for patients missing all of their teeth, or for those unhappy with the fit of their current dentures.

Before Image of Implants Crowns Procedure
After Image of Implants Crowns Procedure

In the first one or two appointments, the post (or anchor) is implanted in the jaw. The replacement tooth, bridge, or denture is fitted and installed when the bone and gums have healed.


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